First Data Adds Portability to POS Suite with Clover Mobile

Navigator Edition: January 2015
By: Patrick Carroll and Sepehr Shirzadian

First Data has expanded on its Clover Station point of sale (POS) product suite with the announcement at Money2020 of Clover Mobile. Clover Mobile is a tablet-based POS solution that builds on Clover Station, a countertop-oriented POS product launched by First Data in 2013.

Figure 1: Clover Products

fig-1_clover-productsSource: Money2020, First Data press release.

The two Clover products are designed as all-in-one small business solutions that integrate receipt printing, payment acceptance, and business management software into one cohesively designed package. Clover Mobile is creative in enabling an all-in-one mobile solution by including a wireless Bluetooth receipt printer that can be clipped directly to a clerk’s belt for portability. Both solutions are NFC and EMV capable to help manage an uncertain and evolving payment acceptance landscape for small businesses. Clover Mobile, which can be handed to a card holder, fully envisions the self-service aspect of EMV in certain use cases.

Like the Clover Station, Clover Mobile leverages an open API and provides merchants with an expanding selection of business software applications via the Clover App Market. The Clover App Market includes software developed by both First Data and 3rd party developers, and supports a range of operational tasks spanning order management, inventory tracking, employee scheduling, accounting, analytics, loyalty, and others.

Clover Station and Clover Mobile are the result of a $56 million strategic acquisition by First Data in late 2012. First Data is among several leading acquirers making investments in tablet POS solutions for merchants. For example, Heartland Payments recently released a tablet POS product, known as Leaf, and Intuit recently announced plans to release a tablet POS product in partnership with Revel at some point in 2015. It is to be seen if more acquirers will follow suit in offering their own tablet-based POS solutions in an attempt to broaden their suite of payment acceptance products and services.

For more information, please contact Patrick Carroll, Associate,; or Sepehr Shirzadian, Analyst, Both specialize in Merchant Acquiring.

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