Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker

Navigator Edition: June/July 2013
By: Collin Bauer

Figure 1 is the Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker for June 2013.  The chart measures current stock prices and market caps, as well as movement over the last month, and year-to-date.  After a strong May, the companies First Annapolis monitors across the payments value chain experienced mixed results in June, but in aggregate are exceeding the broader market’s 13% gain YTD.

In summary:

Due to declines from the three largest issuers, the issuing sector index underperformed the market and posted a decrease of 3% as a whole over the past month. Much of the negative volatility among issuers in June was due to the uncertainty emerging from the latest round of Federal Reserve meetings regarding the future of its quantitative easing policies. However, some issuers including WEX and Capital One were able to perform well, posting gains of 6% and 4% respectively in June.

The processor / acquirer sector also posted declines among the largest companies during June. However, in aggregate, the sector posted nominal gains of 1% for the period. Heartland’s stock price experienced a steady increase throughout the month of June and finished the period with double-digit gains.  Heartland, Vantiv, and FIS have all posted YTD gains of 25% or greater thus far in 2013.

In aggregate, MasterCard and Visa posted gains of 3% in June, and are up 21% YTD. The companies tracked one another throughout much of June and were able to outperform the overall market’s 1% decline this month while reaching all-time highs in their respective stock prices.

Figure 1: Monthly Average Stock Price Tracker
Note: Weighted Averages are based on current market caps.
Source: Yahoo Finance, First Annapolis Consulting research and analysis.

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